We’ll cover your projects

And we mean that literally. We use our halls for our own storage and production needs. They are reliable and able to expand along with your business. We sell and rent tents for festivals, catering, and weddings. We offer classic party tents, scissor tents, and pagoda tents.
  • 28|years of experience
  • 1045|+ party tent and hall assemblies
  • 3|years warranty for hall construction
  • 1|day is our average assembly time
What can we provide?
We’ll deliver the tents and put them up
We’ll bring the tents from the warehouse (even your warehouse), assemble and prepare them. When the event is over, we’ll take down and clean the tents, then transport them back to storage.
What can we provide?
We usually assemble a storage hall in 1 to 5 days. Our average assembly time for large storage halls is just 1–2 days, because our people have a knack for it.
What can we provide?
We have extensive experience with the logistics for our products. We also offer free delivery of halls anywhere in the Czech and Slovak republics for orders over CZK 350,000.
What can we provide?
Fabric cleaning
Cleaning the fabric of a storage hall can sometimes be a downright tiresome job. That’s why we offer high-quality machine cleaning of PVC fabrics.
What can we provide?
We take pride in our warranty and post-warranty service, and we provide consultation free of charge.
What can we provide?
Snow loading
We follow the statistics of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. We’ll advise you on what storage hall design to choose in order to be safe in your area.
What can we provide?
Tent lighting
We’ll provide lighting of storage halls and tents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We’ll calculate the luminosity necessary so that you’ll know when you can turn the lights off.
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