We don’t just produce things

We strive to behave responsibly.

“Our customers’ requirements change all the time, and our strategy takes that into account. It’s not enough just to find a producer and order production from afar. We select our suppliers carefully. We visit them in person, audit them continuously, and supervise all production.”

Tomáš Bedáň – Statutory Executive, Purchase Director
  • 29|years of experience in working with the most demanding clients
  • 50| countries in 5 continents covered by our supplier network
  • 255| million CZK in liability insurance 
  • 310audited suppliers
From the first installation of illuminated signs in Brno. Through services and renovations of refrigeration equipment. To a digital e-commerce platform for the strategic sourcing management of marketing products.
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We strive to behave responsibly

To the environment, to society, to our customers, and to our suppliers. Helping us do things right

Every year, we report our behaviour in the areas of ecology, working conditions, business practices, and supply chain. We received the bronze award for our 2023 report.​

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

Being part of a global supply chain comes with certain responsibilities. We strive to engage in building a sustainable economy. That’s why we provide data on greenhouse gas emissions and report on our activities to protect the climate.

We make it a priority to maintain ethical practices on how we manufacture and do business. That’s why we are members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex), where we share our data with customers all up and down the global supply chain.
Auditing of the production facility
Our production facility in Boleradice is regularly audited by SGS.
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