Disinfectant stand as a kit

This does not mean that you have to set it up yourself. The basic design can be extended with handpicked components that are the most suitable for your establishment or business. 
We have involved our development and purchasing team in an effort to create a universal disinfectant stand. Their joint effort resulted in a modular stand with replaceable components. Thanks to its modular design, you can choose just the components you are really going to use and assemble a stand suited for your specific establishment.

Assemble your own disinfectant stand

It's really simple (it is similar to the Merkur or Constructo toy construction kits). First, consider where you want to use the stand:

Hospitality (HORECA) – restaurants, pubs, cafés and hotels,
Retail – stores and shopping centres,
Office & Industry – offices and production facilities.

Then you just combine the different modules. The base configuration consists of a stand with a holder for hand disinfectant dispenser.


The choice of additional modules depends on your needs. You can choose from the following components:

  • paper towel holder,
  • metal box for tissues or disposable gloves,
  • metal box for folded loose paper towels,
  • litter bin.

Or you can use all the components together (Disinfectant stand “Complete”).

For inspiration, you can look at the different combinations that can be created.

Ask for more info. Or request quotation.