Purchaser or project manager?

When one hears the term “purchaser”, it may bring to mind someone who literally “just” buys things.

But that’s not the case for our purchasers. Their job is much more complex, diverse, and frankly, also more demanding. What does a purchaser really do at Moravia Propag? What does his or her typical workday look like? Find the answers from our purchasers Marika, Petr, and Honza.

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Welcome to the world of POS materials
We have been creating inspirational catalogues of POS materials for a good many years. And every one of them is completely unique.

This is because we see catalogues as more than just a means for transferring information. We create catalogues to captivate, entertain, make work more fun, and to differentiate ourselves. Take a look at how we created the most recent one.
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