Welcome to the world of POS materials

Introducing the 2018 POS Catalogue. A catalogue wherein we take a bold step into the unknown.
We have been creating catalogues for a good many years. And every one of them is completely unique in its content, design, and form. We create catalogues which speak for us and expresses who we are.

How an idea is born

In the spring of last year, we knew we wanted to create a new catalogue. We had an idea what should be in it. What we had not yet worked out clearly, however, was its concept.

We assembled a POS team. A team of people from various departments across the company – from purchase department, through sales and marketing, and to the graphic design. We didn’t want to exclude anyone with something to say about POS materials, graphics, and, above all, the needs of the market.

And at the very first meeting of this team a couple sentences set it all in motion:

“Our customers remember our catalogues. They stand out from the others. In short, they like them. Why? Because they look different.” – Miloslav Kopeček, head of the sales team

Such words are of course nice to hear. But that spring, they meant much more. They landed in fertile soil and became our main motivation driving the entire POS team.

Several meetings later, an idea was born. Why not give our imaginations a bit freer rein? Why not make a catalogue that would not just stand out, but also be fun? The specific idea came from our colleague Martin Cibulec: “How about if we place real items into completely unreal surroundings?”

At that moment, he had no idea just yet what this would lead to, but the eyes of our graphic artist, Kuba, lit up and a thousand ideas ran through his head. Crazy ones – and then even crazier ones. A bunch of them worked out right away, and it was really hard to choose the 11 best ones for introducing each category.

Off we go!

The POS team was running at full tilt. Even as others were enjoying their summer vacations, we were selecting items, imagining, designing, sampling, and photographing new items. And sometimes we broke a lot of sweat, for example when we were completing a newly sampled ski stand in 30°C heat.

For clarity’s sake, we chose a new breakdown of categories, and gradually started filling them in with items. Before the first leaves of autumn reached the ground, the catalogue was taking shape. It also was growing in immense proportions.

It was a long journey, but it ended with a brilliant new POS catalogue. And we mean that literally.

We left the worst part until the end. Yes, we mean proofreading. The hated activity that comes just before each project’s end. And while we were buried under piles of papers, checking every letter, Kuba was putting some final touches on the cover details. The cover is what underscores the entire concept. As if shrouded in mystery, it only foreshadows what is to come on the following pages. And it also glows in the dark.

12 catalogues in 14 years

It’s hard to say if back in 2004 the creator of our first POS catalogue could imagine that in future we would have a 150-page catalogue with 530 items. And that one of them, for example, would be a menu stand for charging mobile phones. We keep up with current trends in designing and developing new items. We put the same emphasis also on graphic design and printing possibilities. The printed version of the catalogue is no less important for us in this day of modern technologies than it was 14 years ago. There are effects electronic versions cannot handle, such as a glowing sign on the catalogue’s cover.
Would you like to see our POS catalogue? Arrange a meeting or ask for a printed version.