Discover the benefits of an inflatable refrigerator

Introducing BubbleCool

Is transporting refrigerators between events a living nightmare? We have a solution for you

We have developed an inflatable refrigerator. It consists of only two parts – a cooling base and an inflatable cover. It is practical, compact, yet spacious when inflated, modern and cool. You can transport it in a car and handle it without a team of strong movers – it weighs only 33 kg.

Assemble, inflate and start selling. It only takes a few minutes

Simply put an inflatable cover on the cooling base, connect it to a power source and the refrigerator will be ready in just thirty seconds.

Then just fill it up and you can start selling. How much goods will fit inside? For example, 250 cans with the volume of 250 ml.

Be original and create your own unique cover design

On top of that, changing the cover is so easy that you can take several covers with you to the event and change the refrigerator design as needed.

Are you interested in our inflatable refrigerator?

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